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Extend beyond offline collaboration to the online open world

Based on Baby Shark IP, Baby Shark Universe extends beyond offline by combining various online ecosystems without time and space constraints.
Baby Shark IP is the most famous IP in the world and has the number one YouTube views with 11.3 billion views.


There is no end to the Baby Shark Universe’s Free and Vast open World

All Lands are connected with each other, giving easy access to various contents and provide users with more enjoyable adventures. Enjoy the variety of content that you imagined in one vast Open World.


Explore abundance amounts of content and experience unbelievable universe

Easily adapt to the open world ecosystem through the stories told by Baby Shark and Pinkfong and carry out various activities through adventures. Enjoy the play you’ve always wanted, including battles, puzzles, research, and more!


Craft imagination into reality

The crafting system will allow user to craft, whatever user wants as a system that can scale infinitely, using the materials from the adventure.

Editing & Trade

Everyone can easily create and trade freely without any restrictions

With dot-based editing tools, anyone can easily create avatars, items, buildings, and even use custom maps, and with the blockchain technology, the items produced can be proved of its ownership and rewarded through transactions.


Directly decide the future of the open world by interacting with global users without border constraints

Decide with global users who have similar tastes, from small towns to large guilds. Open World is an ecosystem led by users through DAO voting, and rewards for activities are distributed fairly and evenly.


  • 2022


    Establishment of virtual asset industry in Dubai

    Establishment of publishing and operation corporation in Korea

    Signed official MOU with Alibaba Group for “Alibaba Cloud”


    Create prototype builds

    Participation in Dubai DMCC “FUTURE BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT” event

  • 2023


    Upgrading ideas and concepts for Web3 and Metaverse

    Full workflow design

    Build Upgrade

    Marketing strategy planning

    Polygon-based token smart contract creation and testnet testing

    Partnership with Polygon


    Game Developers Conference (GDC), in USA

    Release an update build

    Graphics Upgrade


    Crypto Expo Aisa 2023, in Singapore

    Reveal some of the original adventure content

    Implementing Adventure Content with Top View

    Implementing Adventure Content with Side View

    Implementing Adventure Content with Quarter View

    Building strategic partnerships to expand the ecosystem


    Initiate ALPHA closed testing

    Original world composition

    Adventure and content development to be applied to the land

    Realization of various viewpoints suitable for various adventures

    Implementation of crafting system in metaverse

    Apply P2E Circulation Balance

    NFT marketplace development

    Marketing strategy activities

    Press release distribution

    Community events

    Establishment of early metaverse ecosystem entry partnership and world composition

    Application-based blockchain technology R&D

  • 2024


    Marketing strategy activities

    Influencer Marketing

    AMA activities

    Strategic partnership

    Build final quality and security testing for Beta testing


    1st Beta test –

    Updating P2E-focused content such as adventure and gathering

    2nd Beta test –

    Updating production-oriented content such as crafting and decorating


    3rd Beta test progress -

    Land content updates such as map editing and guilds


    4th Beta test progress –

    Update of overall service environment, such as exchanges between lands and inflow of external ecosystems

    Final confirmation of release

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